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Interactive Content for Social Made Easy

Rabbit has taken the proven concept of interactive hotspots and added powerful new features that dramatically boost their functionality and power to help drive engagement traffic and conversions.

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Tap and Reward

Increase traffic and drive engagement to each of the advertisers on your graphic. Reward users who tap on all the hotspots for your advertisers, by giving them discount coupons, prizes or entries into a competition. It's a brilliant way to get traffic and leads.

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Lock for Access

Rabbit includes 'Lock for Access' hotspots. Add a hotspot that prompts users for their contact, email or payment details. Then give them access to the locked content. Try it here with your email address.

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Buying Moments

Use Rabbit to create beautiful 'buying moments' you can share on social media. Add payment hotspots to sell any product or service, and process the payments without making the user exit the social application. Now social ads can sell anything directly!

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Language Training

Rabbit is the first application to integrate Amazon Polly for training. Just type your text and hear crystal clear voices. Set playback speed and select from a range of languages, genders and ages. Create language training for hospitality, travel and many other industries.

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Digital Profiles

Create a Digital Profile and connect your clients to news feeds, prices lists, local products and services, contact forms and videos. Then link your interactive design to business cards, signs, flyers or print ads with a QR code.

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Banner Campaigns

Share your interactive content on any social platform. Then use Rabbit's built in Banner Manager to attract and direct traffic to related advertisers, from within the social application.

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Create interactive content that plays anywhere.