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Rabbit can be used to make all kinds of interactive content, not just advertising. As a beautiful example of that we have created interactive lessons to help educators teach English to speakers of foreign languages. This is the first in a huge range of interactive content we are creating to help the educational community.

We've got your happiness covered twice!

Our simple pricing includes extended coverage for your students, staff and families too. Second, if you're not satisfied at any point, just reply to our order email and we'll issue a full refund.

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The power of combining a print and online lesson
Rabbit helps language educators increase engagement with their students, with beautiful hand crafted lessons that combine a PDF and a matching interactive lesson that students can practise anywhere.
The convenience of PDF handouts for class
Phones and tablets are incredibly popular, but many students still don't have them, or school policies may limit their use. So, each Rabbit lesson combines a PDF you can handout to students, to spark conversation and increase engagement.
The added engagement of an interactive lesson
Each PDF includes a link to a matching interactive lesson so students can practise on their phones or tablets, in a computer lab or Internet cafe, or at home. Each interactive lesson includes beautiful graphics and crystal clear sound.
The ability to leverage extra opportunities online
Rabbit interactive lessons work beautifully in an online tutoring session. Share at the start of your session to spark engagement, or at the end as a fun homework activity. It's a highly effective way to differentiate yourself from other online tutors, and get better ratings and students.
Helps your students and your community too!
Our extended license lets you share Rabbit lessons with students, staff and their families who want learn English too. Now everyone can benefit from Rabbit beautiful English lessons.
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The world's gone online.
Where are you?

The world's gone online in a big way, but is your income still based solely in a physical classroom, or limited online by how many actual hours you can work?

As an English educator you have an unprecedented opportunity to generate income online, and to dramatically supplement the income you're making in the physical world. But how?

The Rabbit Partner Program lets you earn a valuable income by helping us educate students using Rabbit's amazing interactive lessons. It's easy to join and you can start generating income quickly. Fill in your details below to receive more details.

Create interactive content that plays anywhere.